When the Buddha was about to attain His Parinibbana (term for passing away of a Buddha), he was asked thus by his asssistant, Ananda, who said:

"How should we act, Lord, respecting the body of the Tathagata?"

The Buddha answered His disciple thus: "Do not hinder yourselves, Ananda, to honor the body of the Tathagata. Rather you should strive, Ananda, and be zealous on your own behalf, for your own good. Unflinchingly, ardently, and resolutely you should apply yourselves to your own good. For there are, Ananda, wise nobles, wise brahmans, and wise householders who are devoted to the Tathagata, and it is they who will render the honor to the body of the Tathagata." - Parinibbana Sutta, Digha Nikaya

These words, spoken directly by the Buddha, clearly defined the role of members of the Holy Sangha and the householders with regards to His funeral arrangements. It is in this spirit of upholding the Buddha's advice, both in letter and in practice, that the MBCS have gone forth to provide funeral services as part of our "Right Livelihood" for the Buddhist community.

In this website, you will be able to get information pertaining to our services. We hope that you will be better informed of what Buddhist funeral preparations are all about. More importantly, we hope you'll be somewhat "enlightened" about understanding death and how we can learn to come to terms with it.

May all beings be well and happy always.

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