Spiritual Services

  • Fellowship Tour(Local/ Oversea) & Buddhist Pilgrimage
    Spiritual in nature and tailored to Buddhist interest-led by appropriate monks.
  • Buddhist Funeral Service
    Competitive funeral packages with dignified & meaningful Buddhist Memorial Services.
  • MBCS Diamond Aged Care Home
    Provide spiritual support for a good precious final journey.

Trading Services

  • Original Monk Robes & Requisites.
  • Longevity Costume.
  • 100% Alfalfa Juice & Organic Vegetable /Oat / Rock Salt etc.

Four Ways of Managing One’s Wealth

First portion for day to day expenses
Second portion for business
Third portion for business
Fourth portion for safe-keeping.

“Whoever is wise and virtuous shines like a blazing fire
To him who amasses wealth
In a way a bee collects honey
Riches accumulate as an ant hill that gradually grows

Accumulating wealth thus
The layman who is fit to lead a household life
Should divide his wealth into four parts
Truly he binds friend to himself

With one portion let him enjoy
Two portions let him set apart for business
The fourth portion let him deposit
So it may be use in times of adversity.” 

The Buddha
(Sigalovada Sutta)


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